This Fall 2016 knitwear collection, titled Refined Nature, focuses on a mixture of manmade geometric lines and more curvilinear lines, a juxtaposition that conjures the idea of "glamping." 


Design Brief:

Glamping can be thought of as camping with accouterments or camping sans nature. Regardless, the purpose of this inspiration is to focus less on the act of glamping and more on the aesthetics associated with the fantasy that is glamping. To distill glamping to its very essence, it is to harness nature, to seamlessly blend the manmade world with the natural world. Whether that is through bringing the outdoor in, or vice-versa, glamping conjures images of taming the natural world to meld seamlessly into a modern sensibility.

The objective is to create a casual sportswear knitwear collection for fall 2016 that describes the aforementioned aesthetic.