Click to see more:  Senior Thesis Collection   Photo by James Byard

Click to see more: Senior Thesis Collection

Photo by James Byard


     My design aesthetic focuses on juxtapositions – structure vs. fluidity, exposure vs. coverage, and simplicity vs. intricacy. I find that such juxtapositions create more interesting and artistic garments. I don’t think fashion has to be entirely serious, thus I try to imbue a sense of whimsy into everything I design. Whether through unexpected silhouettes, through mixing prints and textures, or through incorporating unconventional materials into wearable clothing, I like to create a sense of playful sophistication in each garment I design.

     Over the past four years, as a fashion design and marketing student at Washington University in St. Louis, I have explored ways to incorporate these ideas, predominantly into collections for women, but have explored possibilities in menswear and childrenswear. I have experimented with a variety of different print styles and the idea of layering, both physically and visually, through the use of print and color. These concepts, which I have sought to integrate across the body of my work, have culminated in my Senior Thesis Collection, a modern translation of the grotesque motifs found around Florence, Italy.

     When designing for the modern woman, it seems natural to fuse fashion and technology, something I have explored through laser cutting and 3D printing. As I continue to learn and to curate my own aesthetic, I look forward to developing further the use of juxtapositions in my designs, as well as the use of technology in creating new textiles.